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Aluprof at BAU 2011 Fair

Aluprof at BAU 2011 Fair

This is the third time that Aluprof presented its products at the largest industry fair – Bau 2011. The Company’s stand, located in hall C1 at position 321, was linked in style and image to the coming EURO 2012 European Championship. Aluprof delivered systems to as many as three of the total of four stadiums constructed for the EURO Championships in Poland. This is why Aluprof’s stand resembled a sports stadium. We are extremely happy to be able to present our products in a remarkable and unique way. “This was a great idea to get clearly recognised,” says Ms. Monika Sobczak, Head of the Marketing Department.

The slogan Das Spiel kann beginnen related to the entire display, and is the slogan characterising Aluprof’s operations in the German market, too.
The marketing gadgets – vuvuzelas, horns and bottle openers – included football motifs, too. The atmosphere at the stand was hot, like at a good football game. The music, superbly chosen by Piotr Stelmach, well-known from the Trójka music station, did not stop amusing the visitors. The great many attractions included football juggling  performed by Krzysztof Golonka, well-known from the TV show Mam talent.

The wide range of Aluprof’s products was prepared for various groups of clients. Thousands of clients visited Aluprof’s stand during the fair. They included architects, contractors, designers, investors and window and door frames manufacturers invited by Aluprof and others.

Nobody failed to notice and admire Aluprof’s stand, because it brimmed with its own life. We prepared so many attractions that it was virtually impossible to miss us. We made many new business contacts. “It’s worth mentioning that many of our repeat contractors from Poland and the clients of our foreign enterprises attended the BAU Fair in Germany,” added Ms. Monika Sobczak. For Aluprof, this was a perfect occasion to promote its image.

During the fair, we also inaugurated our new system solutions. In the field of window-door systems, we presented MB-W86 System, which proved to be a winner. Our clients welcomed the new system enthusiastically, not without reason… This is a system with very good parameters, satisfying the various needs of its users. The structure of its profiles is manufactured in three options, depending on the heat saving requirements: ST, SI and AERO. MB-W86 is the first aluminium window system in the world to use aerogel – a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. The advantages of MB-W86 also include the high strength of the profiles, which enables the construction of large and heavy windows.

In the field of façade systems, we presented the post and beam MB-TT50 System, which enables the construction of screening or filling walls, roofs and spatial structures. This system incorporates the new approach to structures made from aluminium profiles and accessories used to provide tightness and thermal insulation at connection points. Thanks to all that, the façade provides the building with a high level of thermal insulation. The MB-TT50 System gives you a lot of freedom regarding the shape of the building structure. Moreover, it is designed as the foundation solution in fire protection and anti-burglary solutions.

MB-SUNPROF are façade roller shutters used on large glazed surfaces, reducing the entry of sunlight to the building, at the same time ensuring the comfort of natural lighting. Thanks to their properties, they not only serve decorative and functional purposes, but also have an additional energy-saving effect, contributing to the reduction of costs of maintenance of the building. The MB-SUNPROF System has been designed to satisfy the needs of contemporary architecture to the fullest extent. It includes roller shutter profiles available in various sizes and accessories enabling the mounting at any angle desired and full integration with the façade.

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