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MB-SR50N EFEKT – semi-structural façade system

The system is intended for constructing and producing light weight curtain walls of hanging and filling types, as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial structures.
It is based on the modern and recognized mullion-transom wall system MB-SR50N, which offers a variety of profiles allowing you to choose the ones  that enable the facing of the mullions and transoms surface on the inside of the façade resulting in a neat connection with the building’s internal installations. This also ensures compatibility with other designs based on the wide selection of Aluprof S.A. products.

Due to the particular way of mounting window panes to mullions and transoms, an image of a uniform glass wall separated by a structure of 2 cm wide horizontal and vertical lines is achieved. Gaps between the glass fields of the façade are filled with a specific silicone binding agent which provides high tightness and increases the insulating resistance of the structure. This newly offered solution, when compared to the already popular façade MB-SR50 EFEKT, features a number of new opportunities both in terms of technology and aesthetic value.

One of the basic benefits of the MB-SR50N EFEKT façade is the vast number of glazing opportunities: a wide selection of available fillings includes single and two chamber panes, as well as non-transparent integrated glass pane based panels. A real novelty and an unquestionable hit in this category of façades is the possibility of using glass packets complete with a laminated window pane. The accurately designed fillings of the mounting system enables flexible and economic adjustment to the technical requirements of a given project – the system varies depending on the weight of the panes and includes solutions enabling the transmission of load from the panels onto the profiles, which have a load capacity up to 450 kg. Available are e two standard ways of fitting panes: with the use of continuous or point frame, which enables the optimization of production process and price. Another great value of the system is the fact that it has recommendations from the three world leading suppliers of construction and weather silicones: Dow Corning, Sica and Tremco-Ilbruck. Not only does it emphasize the prestige of the solution but also the ensures durability and tightness of the construction and easy access to technologies among glass-making companies. It is worth mentioning that using silicones of different colours makes it possible to substantially expand the creative design of the façade.

Façades produced with the MB-SR50 EFEKT system feature outstanding operational characteristics. Their application facilitates the achievement of the required appearance of the façade and also very high thermal insulating capabilities, which considering the strong global tendency towards reducing the energy consumption of buildings forms one of the main criteria when assessing modern curtain walls.

Technical specifications:

  • air permeability: AE 1200 Pa
  • water tightness: RE 1200Pa
  • wind load resistance: up to 2400 Pa
  • impact resistance: I5/E5
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